Are yoga teachers failing our young people? Why we need to do more to support our teens and tweens.

It’s no secret that our young people are under more pressure than ever. You may like to label social media as the bad guy and blame it all on that but we have a whole host of stuff going on that they have to deal with. From constantly increasing academic pressure, bullying (which was always around but is now online too), body image pressure for both sexes to more working parents and less secure attachments, more screen time and constant noise of being contactable 24/7. Our young people are struggling with their mental health and it’s time to work on prevention and giving tools to help them manage today’s lifestyle rather than just berating the so-called “causes” like social media. 

Yoga is a wonderful toolbox for our young people IF it’s shared in the right way for them, so the question is: Are yoga teachers failing our young people?

What are the benefits of yoga for fertility?

Fertility experts such as Zita West agree that factors such as diet, lifestyle and stress have a big impact on our ability to conceive, so by taking a holistic approach we can give our bodies the best chance to conceive naturally, or to give our assisted approach the best chance of success. She herself recommends yoga to couples struggling with fertility issues but what exactly are the benefits of yoga for fertility?

Two sides to every story

Today was my son's first birthday.  In between thanking the universe for my amazing, perfect little miracle baby - the most even tempered and happy baby out of the three, I also was inevitably brought back to this day last year when he was born. He was an emergency C-Section after I went in to labour before my scheduled c-section, that is something that most of my friends know. Not everyone knows that he was whisked away from me that first night to Neonatal Special Care Unit where he stayed until we left the hospital a few days later. I couldn't even see him until the following day just before lunch as I was still stuck in my bed post op. The hospital took great care of him and he is absolutely fit and healthy but I felt strongly compelled by this memory to remind you all this - there are two sides to every story, every picture, every post.