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When Mums "normal" is actually a health crisis

When Mums "normal" is actually a health crisis

Last year I had my beautiful baby boy. He is such a wonderful blessing but the pregnancy was much harder than previous ones (he is my third child). I felt extrememly drained throughout the pregnancy, almost like I had flu. It felt as though the pregnancy was taking every ounce of nutrition from me and leaving me with nothing. 

After having him, I struggled to regain my health. Mentally I felt far better than I had done post partum but physically I was struggling. 

Like a lot of Mums, I am busy. I am constantly rushing. My kids don't sleep. I get up early to work (5.30am at my desk) then work late in to the evening once the kids have gone to bed. I do this so I spend time with the kids in the afternoon after school / nursery. I'm always juggling drop-offs, pick-ups, activities, laundry and housework. Don't get me wrong, I love my life - I choose to have a life this busy but does that mean I should feel permanently ill and exhausted?

When my son was 5 months old I consulted a nutritional therapist and personal trainer. We identified symptoms of a number of nutritional deficiencies but despite eating well so set about consciously adding more vegetables, fruits and supplments to try and boost my body. However, it just didn't seem to work.

Consultation with other Mums revealed that it was considered normal to be exhausted, to feel drained, to have headaches and rely on coffee to get through the day and wine to relax. But I wasn't convinced, I wanted more for myself and my family than feeling that way.

At the start of 2017 I felt so drained and ill that I started to believe that I must have some horrible, servious illness lurking. It sounds dramatic, but I'm not sure how I carried on pushing through each day.  While I tried to muster the bravery to get checked out at the doctor I Heard a rumour that a nutritional system that I had been following through Australian friends was going to launch in the UK.

After a lot of reads each in to ingredients and talking to friends using the system I started to get excited to give it a go. I was still sceptical that it could make much difference, after-all I already ate a healthy diet and supplemented too, but I needed to try it.

Fast-forward a few months and I honestly feel like a different person. I feel what I consider should be "normal' for mums, and everyone. I have energy, my mood is much more stable, I am sleeping better (during the short spells of sleep the kids allow) and my body has changed too, my body fat percentage is down 8% and my metabolic age down by 18 years!

My take away from this year so far is that it doesn't have to be your normal to feel exhausted, or overweight, or to reply on caffeine.

I have spent a lot of time and energy recently researching nutrition and was shocked to discover that our food just does not have the same nutrition that it used to. I assumed that a tomato was a tomato, end of, but over-farming has left our soil and in-turn our food depleated. That scares the  crap out of me to be honest. With a normal intake of food, no matter how organic and plant-based you just can't get the full level of nutrition you need. Supplementing plus those nutritional gaps and you'd be amazed the difference that can make to your body and mind. 

My wish for all Mums, and actually everyone, is that you can improve your wellbeing to a point that energy, good mood,  good sleep, a healthy weight are all just normal for you. I'd love to help you with that, just email me at and we'll have a chat.

Two sides to every story

Two sides to every story

Recipe: Carrot, orange and ginger soup

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