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Two sides to every story

Two sides to every story

Today was my son's first birthday.  In between thanking the universe for my amazing, perfect little miracle baby - the most even tempered and happy baby out of the three, I also was inevitably brought back to this day last year when he was born. He was an emergency C-Section after I went in to labour before my scheduled c-section, that is something that most of my friends know. Not everyone knows that he was whisked away from me that first night to Neonatal Special Care Unit where he stayed until we left the hospital a few days later. I couldn't even see him until the following day just before lunch as I was still stuck in my bed post op. The hospital took great care of him and he is absolutely fit and healthy but I felt strongly compelled by this memory to remind you all this - there are two sides to every story, every picture, every post.



These photos show two very different sides of the same thing, the beautiful new baby, then the worry that we went through with him hooked up in the NCU. What you see in the first photo isn't the full story, neither is the second.

Every day we are exposed to our interpretations of other people's realities and here are some things to know;

That Mum that you saw who is always so calm, so collected, so patient with her kids... She totally lost it this morning and yelled at the kids. She feels awful and is trying so hard to be the Mum she wants to be.

That amazing yoga pose you saw on Instagram - what you didn't see is the same yogi falling flat on their face 100 times beforehand learning to do it

That career Mum you know who "has it all" with a big salary and juggling it all, she wishes she could stay home and have more time with the kids. She cries herself to sleep sometimes.

That stay at home Mum who can stay home with the kids, has the flashy car and always looks immaculate... her husband works such long hours to provide for the family. They never get quality family time all together.

That amazing, luxury family holiday your friend posted a photo of... They spent most of it stuck indoors as it was too hot for the kids, one of whom was teething and miserable the whole time.

Both on my business page and my personal profile you may notice inspirational posts, gratitude posts, self-love posts. This is the message that I want to promote and spread but it's not how I feel all the time. I am not naturally positive, I work on my mindset every single day. 

Life is never good or bad - think of the yin yang symbol with the good, the bad, the good in the bad and the bad in the good.

I'll leave you with these thoughts:

  • Never compare your situation to what you perceive someone else's to be.
  • Always be kind. Always. And forgive. Offer second chances. You never know what someone is dealing with.

Love to you all x

Ginger boost green smoothie

Ginger boost green smoothie

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