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Are yoga teachers failing our young people? Why we need to do more to support our teens and tweens.

It’s no secret that our young people are under more pressure than ever. You may like to label social media as the bad guy and blame it all on that but we have a whole host of stuff going on that they have to deal with. From constantly increasing academic pressure, bullying (which was always around but is now online too), body image pressure for both sexes to more working parents and less secure attachments, more screen time and constant noise of being contactable 24/7. Our young people are struggling with their mental health and it’s time to work on prevention and giving tools to help them manage today’s lifestyle rather than just berating the so-called “causes” like social media. 

Yoga is a wonderful toolbox for our young people IF it’s shared in the right way for them, so the question is: Are yoga teachers failing our young people?