Workplace Yoga

Workplace Yoga classes are a fun, convenient, and a great way to build resilience in the workforce, improve wellbeing, performance and relationships.


Taking time out from a working day to practice yoga can have many befeits for your employees and subsequently your business, participants leaving sessions feeling relaxed and energised with revived clarity and creativity for the day ahead. They feel lighter and team spirit improved with increased empathy and tollerance, not to mention the physical benefits of streatching and releasing tension in the body from sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day.


How it works

All we need is a suitable meeting room or area that can be used for the practice. We can set up a meeting to view the space and agree the number of participants we can comfortably cater for in the space available.

My classes always cater for mixed abilities, from beginners upwards but can discuss specific workplace requirements.

Classes can be between 30 minutes and 1 hour sessions or before/after work, or during your lunch hour. Most corporate classes run for 45 minutes over a lunchtime break.


Prices vary depending on requirements and location but start from as little as £65 per session as part of a block of classes. Mats can be provided if required.